The Wolf

The wolf calls to me, asking to be free.

Hungry, she paces up and down her enclosure, longing for the days where she ran, wind whipping through her fur and the taste of blood fresh on her tongue.

She is restless for freedom, for the feeling of dirt beneath her feet and the hidden spaces between the trees.

She looks at me with large, haunted eyes that beckon to me, urging me to set her free.

Within her the calls of her ancestors sound, urging her to escape, to tear apart anything that stands in her way.

She howls. A deep cry, from the ancient place, it sets my flesh on edge.

For too long, I have forgotten her spirit. Forgotten her brutality, how it saved me once before.

How she pulled me from the edge of destruction and brought me here - to safety.

But safety soon becomes a trap that dulls the senses, lulling me into a life far from the one I have been called to.

Sensing the trap, she whimpers. Part frustration, part desperation, she knows that we must leave, or risk the cage door slamming shut once again.

I look at her, then look at myself.

My vision blurs.

We are one - we always have been.

She is the wolf within.