On love and soulmates


After thirteen years, who knew that a spark between two hearts could so easily be reignited. Perhaps it never disappeared, but rather lay dormant, waiting for that serendipitous moment in time when you and I collided, and our love story was born.

Truthfully, I never believed in a soulmate until I found you again. You were a revelation from the moment your tapered hands, like those of a pianist, took mine. Your fingers innocently traced shapes upon my palms, all the while you were secretly etching your initials upon my heart.

How could I have ever believed that someone like you walked this earth? The most gentle but extraordinary soul within a Grecian chest, your lineage traced back to Hector, Jason, and Odysseus. You are of another world - one of heroes, magic, and monsters. Yet, here you stand next to me. Your chocolate brown eyes, full of hidden depths, meeting mine with a gentle and unwavering stare.

As I rest my head upon your chest, I am overcome by the depth of your love for me. It felt impossible to believe that another heart could so easily know what is in my own, meeting its beats, until yours matched mine. While I revel in these thoughts, you stroke my hair, gently placing the loose tendrils behind my ears, each golden strand precious to you.

How can it be that you offer me both adventure and reassurance? A hand to hold while we run across the world together, and a shoulder upon which to lay my head when it all becomes too much. You are both balance and adrenaline to my soul, a beautiful contradiction. My counterpoint.

Yes, I never did believe in soulmates until I found mine.

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