About wild + Lovely

Wild + Lovely was born during a time where I was trying to reconcile who I was before the toxic and emotionally abusive relationship that shaped so much of my life, and who I am now after it. For years, I was controlled and made to feel chaotic, not quite good enough, unloveable and that I was helpless on my own. When I finally left the relationship, as part of my discovery and healing, I needed to claim ownership over the wild parts of my identity - the ones that had been scoffed at and controlled for years. In embracing my own wildness, I found redemption in myself, scars and all. By calling this space Wild + Lovely, I want to hold these two opposite ideas together, showing that the wild can be beautiful, and in the lovely, there also exists wildness.  

Iā€™m passionate about finding balance in my life and in by sharing my story, I hope to find equilibrium once again while also helping others to do the same.